Bethesda Magazine “BEST OB-GYN” 2011 And 2007

2011 Best OB-GYN – Bethesda Magazine

Dr. Beckerman was once again selected as “Best OB-GYN” by Bethesda Magazine’s readers in February 2011.
Dr. Tobie Beckerman,  says the best part of starting her own practice in Bethesda a year ago has been the ability to slow down so she can spend more time with each patient. “I used to see close to 40 patients a day and there was a six-month wait to get in,” she says. “Now, I see a reasonable number of patients each day and also allow room in the schedule for patients who need immediate care. The difference is amazing – now I know what their friends are doing, how their husbands are, what their stresses are. Being able to develop  a deeper, personal relationship is rewarding on many levels.”

2007 Best OB-GYN – Bethesda Magazine

Dr. Tobie Beckerman of Bethesda was voted “Best OB-GYN” by Bethesda Magazine’s readers in January 2007.
When Tobie got word of her selection as No. 1 she says she was “both proud and flattered.  It is satisfying.  It means all of my work means something.”  Tobie has practiced medicine for 19 years. Tobie had not decided on a specialty until she did her OB-GYN residency rotations. She was surprised to find that OB-GYN was what she liked most.  “It’s a combination of so many things; medical care, primary care, surgery, office work and delivering babies,” Tobie says. “I love what I do. I want our patients to leave [the office] happy,” Tobie says. Tobie speaks about the obstetric side of their work with reverence.  “You forget sometimes, [a birth] is a miracle every time it happens.”

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