Judith B. Handjinicolaou, FNP-BC

Judith B. Handjinicolaou is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who has specialized in medical and aesthetic dermatology since 2005.  Her professional resume commenced in 1977 with professional experiences in critical care, surgery, medicine, public health, and hospital administration.  She was Associate Director of Manhattan Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital in NYC, where she developed a strong interest in reconstructive, and plastic surgery procedures that had lifechanging effects on her patients. Her decision to direct her patient care towards clinical practice focusing in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine became her focus.  

Judith thinks that,” everyone has something beautiful about them, be it their eyes, their lips, shape of face,” and in fact, she strongly thinks that using skills to enhance a person’s natural beauty artistically is her strength.  Her consults are specialized to understand and listen to her patients’ thoughts and needs and together she develops a care plan that will enhance an optimal outcome for her clients.  Her vast knowledge about the different trade brands of Botulinum toxins used cosmetically to reduce muscle movement and soften wrinkles help determine the best product for her clients.  Her knowledge of fillers and their uses enhance discussion with her clients producing artistic results for her clients.  

Skin analysis is a specialty that she enjoys, sharing with her clients her knowledge and experience with skin care and products and other dermal procedures to produce a positive change in appearance.  Judith’s skin care analysis and recommendations are individualized to the issues of the particular client and her dermatology training and knowledge is an advantage to her care plan.