American College of OBGYN recommends a teen visit and begin to nourish a relationship with a GYN at the age of 15. The purpose is not for a pelvic exam, unless the teen is sexually active, but rather to establish a trusting bond in this very intimate and often awkward realm of health for the young patient. So much of the information that teens get is via the internet and from friends – often making it difficult, uncomfortable and maybe scary for a young woman to find an environment that fosters a level of comfort, trust, and real answers. At Beckerman Women’s Health, we embrace the opportunity to form that trusting bond at a young age and to guide and educate our young patients.

  • Education regarding menstrual issues
  • STD discussion and prevention
  • New Gardisil 9 Vaccine
  • Contraceptive Management-
  • Skyla, Kyleena, Mirena, and Paragard