Wisdom After 50

“The 50s and beyond are a time for reinvention, re-assessing life goals, reconnecting with friends and spouses, and re-invigorating Jewish spirituality”, according to Dr. Beckerman, Devorah Buxbaum, Elise Museles, and 70 other woman. Read More

Pregnant And Pushing 50

WASHINGTON — This story started as a personal journey for me. At age 45, I asked my ob-gyn what the chances were that I could become pregnant naturally. “Not good,” she answered. “The risks to you and the newborn are high. Your eggs are just too old.” “But why am I seeing so many healthy babies […]

Don’t Make Important Decisions Late In The Day

You arrive at the office and, as usual, face a long list of tasks to accomplish: getting back to your colleagues about joint projects, sending those time-sensitive e-mails, finishing up that important performance review, making progress on one project, deciding on next steps for another. What’s the best way to tackle your to-do list? You […]

Bethesda Magazine “BEST OB-GYN” 2011 And 2007

2011 Best OB-GYN – Bethesda Magazine Dr. Beckerman was once again selected as “Best OB-GYN” by Bethesda Magazine’s readers in February 2011.Dr. Tobie Beckerman,  says the best part of starting her own practice in Bethesda a year ago has been the ability to slow down so she can spend more time with each patient. “I used to see […]